If you agree that maintaining the availability of milk for school and nursery aged children is important, please show us your support. With your help we can continue to provide unrivalled health benefits to young children through their daily intake of milk. Whether you are from a school, pre-school or nursery, you can become a supporter of the Alliance here.
Supporting the Alliance offers a range of benefits:
If you are an educational or childcare establishment...
Supporter of the Alliance

You will be able to support the Alliance’s work to promote the benefits of school and nursery milk to ensure that there’s a strong future for milk in schools and early years settings.
Stay up-to-date

You will be swiftly informed about any developments that might affect the supply of milk to your setting, as well as advice and suggestions on from experts at the School and Nursery Milk Alliance.
Receive regular updates

You will receive a quarterly update on developments relevant to the School and Nursery Milk Alliance, including an update on our activities to promote school and nursery milk and any relevant policy developments.
Get involved

You will be kept up to date about current and future Alliance campaigns and given the opportunity to get involved if you want to.
Educational resources

You will receive access to educational resources about milk and healthy eating produced by our members and partners.
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