European School Milk Scheme
The Government’s announced during August that funding for the Pillar 2 element of the CAP – which includes the European School Milk Scheme – will be protected between the point at which the UK departs the EU and 2020. We contacted Defra for further information and they told us that the details are still being considered, including the impact on school milk. We are continuing to pursue a meeting with Defra to discuss both the post-July 2017 European School Milk Scheme and an eventual national UK replacement. We anticipate that the meeting will take place in October.
We have continued to work with the National Farmers Union to support an article on school milk in their consumer magazine Countryside.
We are also continuing to monitor for the launch of the European Commission’s consultation on the implementing acts for the revised European legislation which will set out further details on the revised EU School Milk Scheme.

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