Nursery Milk and School Food Standards
  • We have received a response to our request to the Department of Health asking for data on the uptake of nursery milk. The department has provided uptake by postcode and hopes to be able to provide it by local authority from 2018. We will analyse the data with the view to using it to inform our future work.

  • We have written a response to HMRC’s consultation on Universal Credit in relation to Free School Meals. The proposals will result in up to 50,000 more being children eligible for free school meals (and hence milk), as well as protecting those who would have lost their eligibility. Our response supports the proposals and highlights the contribution of school milk to children developing healthy habits.

  • We are also preparing a response to the Scottish Government’s consultation on its obesity strategy, which proposes to increase the impact of the Soft Drinks Industry Levy on milk-based drinks, limiting the exemption from the current threshold of 75 per cent to 95 per cent minimum milk content. We will highlight the important contribution milk can make to tackling obesity and ask for it to be promoted.

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