European School Milk Scheme
  • We have drafted a letter to send to Welsh Assembly Members asking for them to support our campaign in the Welsh Assembly. The letter invites Assembly Members to table questions and to write to Welsh ministers highlighting the benefits of school milk. We plan to send this when the Assembly returns from recess on 8th January.
  • We are updating our summary of all the member states’ strategies to the EU School Milk Scheme as more strategies have been published. We are paying particular attention to the complementary educational measures for ideas on how to promote milk consumption in children in the UK. Although the UK’s strategy is relatively generous, the scheme only covers that time in which the UK is in the EU, and so allocates funding only until March 2019, after which point any future scheme will be decided and managed by the British Government.
  • Defra Secretary Michael Gove gave a speech to the Oxford Farming Conference 2018 where he announced that his Department would protect the farming support that currently comes from the EU until 2022. Mr Gove reaffirmed his commitment to ensuring that post-Brexit agriculture is productive, sustainable, and environmentally-friendly. He also acknowledged the Government’s role in public health, and he had introduced the School Food Plan when he was Education Secretary, although he did not mention milk specifically.

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