Parliamentary activity
Meetings and parliamentary engagements
One parliamentary meeting took place in November:
28th November:
  • Jackie O’Neil and Cat Byrne (Healthy Pupils Unit at Department for Education)
We currently have one meeting planned for December:
19th December:
  • Scott Mann MP (Conservative, Chair of the Dairy APPG)
Scott Mann had to postpone our meeting scheduled for 21st November and it will now take place on 19th December.  

Drop-in event
The SNMA hosted a drop-in event in the Houses of Parliament on 28th November, at which it invited MPs and peers to join them to show their support for a replacement EU school milk scheme. Nine parliamentarians attended the event: Mary Glindon (who sponsored the event), Rosie Cooper, Alex Cunningham, Tan Dhesi, Sandy Martin, Conor McGinn, Mark Menzies, Martin Vickers and Lord Watson of Invergowrie. In preparing for and hosting the event:
  • We sent tailored invitations to MPs with dairy constituencies, MPs with high levels of deprivation in their constituencies, and general invites to all other MPs and peers to be sent out.
  • We followed up initial invitations with follow-up emails and targeted phone calls.
  • We organised milk to be offered to MPs, set up a promotional banner, and printed sheets for props for MPs to use in photos with Dr Hilary.
  • We shared the statistics we compiled on childhood obesity and dental health by constituency with MPs.
  • We sent those who attended follow-up thank you notes. This included a press release for them their websites, to show their support for the SNMA and its campaign to secure a domestic replacement to the EU School Milk Scheme after Brexit.
Parliamentary Questions

  • Lucy Powell received answers to two written questions to Defra and DfE about the continuation of school milk and the allocation of funding from the Soft Drinks Levy, respectively.
  • We contacted Baroness Benjamin, Lord Lexden and Lord Hunt before Baroness Benjamin asked an oral question in the Lords about child tooth decay. Lord Lexden asked a supplementary question highlighting milk as “part of the answer to this problem”. Lord O'Shaughnessy, who was answering the question on behalf of the Government, agreed about the value of milk.

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