Parliamentary activity
Meetings and engagements 
We met the following MPs in July:

  • Peter Dowd – Labour MP for Bootle and Shadow Chief Secretary to the Treasury (5th July)
  • Henry Lee, Senior Assistant to Neil Parish – Conservative MP for Tiverton and Honiton and chair of the Environment, Food and Rural Affairs Committee (5th July)
  • Ian Mearns – Labour MP for Gateshead and Education Select Committee member (11th July)

Parliamentary debates

During a pre-recess debate, SNMA supporter and Shadow Minister Mary Glindon raised the issues of school milk and asked the Government:

  • If it would consider the review of the research on the impact of milk on children’s development carried out by Northumbria University, which suggested that milk consumption generally improves children’s nutritional status.

  • If it would pledge that the planned updated School Food Standards would retain the requirement to make milk available to children every day at school.

As is often the case in end of term adjournment debates, there was no direct Government response, but Ms Glindon has ensured that the supply of milk to children is being kept on the radar of policymakers.

Parliamentary written questions

In addition to the above, Ms Glindon has asked the Education Secretary:

  • What assessment her Department has made of (a) levels of support among parents for and (b) the potential health benefits to young children of extending the school nursery milk scheme to include all children in reception classes regardless of age.

  • What steps her Department is taking to (a) revise the School Food Standards to align them with the intent behind and structure of the soft drinks industry levy and (b) encourage more schools to adhere to those standards.

Progress in answering these questions will be monitored.
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