Activities around the health, education and environment sectors
Public Health England has published an updated version of the ‘Eatwell Guide’, which recommends that dairy products should make up 8% of an individual’s daily food intake – down from the 15% recommended in 2014. The Dairy APPG, Dairy UK and the Dairy Council have all criticised the decision, with the Telegraph running a lead story outlining that nutritionists believe the changes to be “baffling” and “puts public health at risk”. The Alliance will engage with the national and trade media to emphasise why the changes are negative, arguing that the Government should encourage increased, rather than decrease, dairy consumption.

The All Party Parliamentary Group on Dairy has published a report on the role of dairy in public health. It identified that younger people do not always see dairy as an essential part of their diet, recommending that the Government implement a 3-a-day programme for the consumption of dairy products.

The Department for Education has published a white paper outlining its vision for education over the next five years, which recommends scrapping parent governors to ensure that those making up school governing bodies have the appropriate level of expertise to carry out their duties.

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