Meetings and parliamentary engagements 

We are preparing to send out three new communications to parliamentarians:

  • A new set of meeting requests to MPs: these will request opportunities to brief key parliamentary stakeholders who are interested in school milk, hold positions on relevant select committees, or have constituencies where school milk is important.
  • A briefing to MSPs: these outline the importance of school and nursery milk, and request their assistance in encouraging the Scottish Government to support a post-Brexit school milk scheme
  • A set of requests to MPs to visit schools to mark WSMD: these will be sent to those MPs who attended our parliamentary drop-in last year, and also to those who hold relevant shadow ministerial positions.

Parliamentary debates

Parliament has been in recess during August. However, we will be sending out a new wave of suggestions for parliamentary questions to MPs who have supported our work once parliament returns to work on 5th September.  

Parliamentary activity
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