Meetings and parliamentary engagements 

Over the last month, we contacted parliamentarians across the UK with a range of communications:

In late October we met with Emma Hardy MP, who is a member of the Education Select Committee. We briefed her on the health benefits of school and nursery milk as well as the importance of a replacement for the EU School Milk Scheme after Brexit. With Hull seeing particularly high levels of dental decay in children, we also discussed the benefits of milk for children’s dental health and obesity levels. She suggested a range of potential actions she could take to support school milk, and we subsequently followed up with her office to suggest some draft written questions.

We also secured a meeting with Scott Mann MP, the new chair of the Dairy APPG on 21st November, where we will discuss issues including the need for a replacement for the EU school milk scheme and the Dairy APPG’s future work on the Eatwell Guide.

We sent out a new set of meeting requests to parliamentary stakeholders, focusing on members of relevant APPGs, to set up a range of further meetings. We also contacted David Drew MP, Labour’s new Shadow Farming Minister to introduce the Alliance and to request a meeting.

We highlighted school milk subsidies to Lords ahead of their debate on the EU Select Committee’s report on the impact of Brexit on agriculture. We approached all Lords who were scheduled to speak in the debate, and received positive responses from Baroness Jones of Whitchurch and Lord Lexden, although they were not ultimately able to raise the issue within the debate

As well as working to secure further meetings, we will also be inviting all MPs to our drop-in event.
Drop-in event

We have secured sponsorship from Mary Glindon, former Shadow Farming Minister, to host a drop-in event in the Houses of Parliament. A room has been booked for the afternoon of the 28th November and we have sent out tailored invites to MPs with dairy constituencies, MPs with high levels of deprivation in their constituencies, and general invites to all other MPs and all peers. At the event, we will ask MPs to express their support for a new EU school milk scheme once the UK leaves the EU. We will also provide them with information on levels of dental decay and childhood obesity within their constituencies, including how this compares to the rest of the UK.

Parliamentary activity
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