Update on the School Food Standards
The School Food Plan Alliance (SFPA) has been established following the expiration of the School Food Plan’s funding contract with the Department for Education. The new group will largely be made up of the same organisations that made up the School Food Plan’s expert panel, such as Food for Life, the Children’s Food Trust, LACA etc. The objective of the SFPA will be to set out and promote a 2025 Vision for School Food, as well as report on the progress of the actions of the School Food Plan. Organisations such as the Alliance can apply to become members of the SFPA.

We are seeking to set up a meeting with the Chairs of the Alliance, and to find out whether there are opportunities for the School and Nursery Milk Alliance to become a member. We will also find out more information on the planned work of the SFPA, including plans to look at milk or implementation of the School Food Standards. We have also written to the National Association of Headteachers to request a meeting to discuss the School Food Standards. We are currently following up with these requests.

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