The SNMA, represented by our spokesperson Dr Hilary Jones and the Secretariat, had a meeting in City Hall with the Mayor of London Sadiq Khan’s Healthy Schools London Unit representatives, Alison Strafford and Liz Prosser. In the meeting, we highlighted the importance of school and nursery milk, highlighted the resources we have produced such as our guidance for school governors - which can be found on the National Governors’ Association website, and the research we commissioned form Northumbria University which evidences the positive health, social and educational benefits of school milk. We also found out about the GLA’s work in promoting health in schools and nurseries and how we can contribute to their efforts.
We are in the process of analysing the information we obtained through an FOI project in which we asked a number of randomly-selected schools what efforts they make to provide school milk under their obligations to meet the School Food Standards. So far, the majority of respondents have signalled that they comply with the regulation by providing milk to pupils daily. This information will help inform our efforts to ensure schools provide milk to their pupils in an appealing way.

Nursery Milk and School Food Standards
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