We have received a response to our request to the Department of Health asking for data on the uptake of nursery milk. They have provided us the uptake by postcode and stated that they hope to be able to provide it by local authority from 2018. We will analyse the data with the view to using it to inform our future work.
We have drafted a response to HMRC’s consultation on proposals to change the eligibility criteria for Free School Meals. The changing criteria will result in 50,000 more children being eligible for free school meals, while those currently would lose their eligibility under the new criteria will have it protected. Although the consultation does not directly refer to milk, it is of interest as children eligible for free school meals are also eligible for free school milk. Our response supports the fact that more children will be eligible and that no children who are currently eligible will lose out. It also highlights the important educational and health benefits which milk provides to children.
We are preparing a response to the Scottish Government’s consultation on its obesity strategy, which proposes to limit the Soft Drinks Industry Levy exemption for drinks with a high milk content, from the current threshold of 75 per cent to 95 per cent milk content. The consultation is also interested in views on whether further or different action is required to support a healthy weight from birth to adulthood?”. In our response we will emphasise the contribution of milk consumption to a healthy diet and reducing childhood obesity.  

Nursery Milk and School Food Standards
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