School milk in the UK
Children across the UK receive milk in different ways. This depends on how old they are and whether they live in England, Scotland, Wales or Northern Ireland. Below is an overview of milk provision, including links to further information and how your school or child can get involved.
European School Milk Scheme
(UK-wide, five to 11)
All children in UK schools are eligible to receive subsidised milk through the European School Milk Scheme. The European Union provides a subsidy of 2.4p (October 2015) per 1/3 pint, with an additional 1p top-up by the Department for Environment (Defra) for children aged 5-11 years old. It is up to individual schools whether they wish to participate in the scheme.

If you are in England, Wales or Scotland, further information on the European School Milk Scheme, including eligibility, how to apply and how to claim, can be found here . If you are in Northern Ireland, then you must contact your regional education authority – the details of which are available here .
What rules are there on milk in schools?