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The School and Nursery Milk Alliance was formed in November 2011 in response to growing concerns across the education, charity and dairy sectors at the potential for the existing school and nursery milk schemes, which have been a cornerstone of the education system since 1946, to be undermined by various political developments.
The School and
Nursery Milk Alliance
We are a coalition of organisations from the early years, education, health and dairy sectors who are committed to promoting the benefits to children's physical and dental health and wellbeing that arise from drinking milk in learning environments.

The overarching aim of the Alliance is to ensure that providing all nursery age and young school children with free and subsidised milk during the school day remains a priority for public policy in the UK.

We aim to ensure that children receive all the benefits that drinking milk in a school or early years setting provides, including: essential nutrients for a growing child, opportunites to develop social skills and encouraging lifelong healthy living habits.

Through the nursery milk scheme, children under five are entitled to a free third-pint (189ml) of milk a day. For children over five, their parents can choose to take part in a scheme whereby this milk is supplied on a subsidised basis.

Providing young children with access to milk can help reduce their consumption of unhealthy soft drinks and can also serve as an early intervention to promote positive health outcomes for young people at a time when the pressures on the National Health Service are continually growing.
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